YX Company

Grip on Behaviour

Our society is mainly focussed on performance data and on control, rules and regulations. On the X part of life.
We seem to miss out on why we want to perform and why we want to do our best. On the Y part of our being.

That’s where YX Company comes in, because we allow you to connect the two sides.

About Us

Fascinated by human behaviour.
All those unique personalities, yet so many striking similarities.

How to convert the similarities into a logical model? How to collect the data?
How to prove the concept? How to understand, explain and predict behaviour?

It took a lot of thinking and hard work for the better part of a decade, but we did it. 
We developed a lot of concepts for third parties, proving over and over that it worked; Grip on Behaviour was a fact.

On this website you will find a range of our products.
Some of them can be bought off the shelf and if consultancy is involved we will direct you to one of our partners.

If you have a question, or if you insist we do something together you can always contact us.

Our Products

Grip on Staff

Managing the Employee Journey:
be in touch with your staff throughout their working life.

Grip on Teams

Deep insights in the social dynamics of your team: boost and stretch your team performance. 

Grip on Talent

Not only eye for competences and potential but understanding if and why your candidate fits in.

Grip on Ethics

How to realize a compliant (risk-)culture and work on the right mindset using Soft Controls.

Grip on Culture

Drives alignment, collaboration, satisfaction, talent attraction, and sustainable growth for organizations.

Grip on Leadership

See what it takes to practise good leadership and what style fits best.

Grip on Work/Life

Understand the positive and negative influences on your wellbeing. Your steps to improve your work/life balance.

Grip on Vitality

Improves employee well-being, boosts productivity, drives engagement, and fosters a thriving and successful work environment.

Grip on Golf

Play better, enjoy more.
Improve the mental part of your game.



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